NANA: Výroky z epizody 31

zdravotní sestra:Please take off your underwear and sit over there. You can keep your skirt on.
31 Hachi's Child, Pregnancy. (4:05)

lékař:If you are having abortion, it's better to do it as soon as possible for your body's sake too.
31 Hachi's Child, Pregnancy. (5:15)

Osaki Nana:Still there are too many irresponsible mothers in this world.
Hachi:I don't think she was irresponsible when she decided to give birth to him. I'm sure something else must have happened and she wasn't able to raise him properly. Because when you're expecting a baby it's only natural to want to have it.
Osaki Nana:Why it is natural?
Hachi:Why you say... I don't know but... Isn't it maternal instinct?
31 Hachi's Child, Pregnancy. (10:15)

Osaki Nana:When we say maternal instinct... I don't know if it's normal... But does every woman have it?
lékař:Of course. It's a female instinct, right? But just because you have it doesn't mean you know how to express it. It's not something that you can just switch on, right? How it comes out depends on each woman's situation and needs, right?
Osaki Nana (myšlenky):Then, if for example I was expecting Ren's baby right now. Even though it would interfere with my professional debut... Does this mean that I would give birth to it? Not for Ren's sake, but because of my instinct? That cannot happen.
31 Hachi's Child, Pregnancy. (11:15)

O dítěti.
Takumi:I don't know if it's yours or mine, but if Nana keeps it I will recognize it and raise it as my own. What do you think?
31 Hachi's Child, Pregnancy. (20:00)

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